Johnathan Welsh, Graphic Design And Level Design
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FDA Project work
Various University level projects

The Obsession and Collection poster was a project during my foundation degree at university; it was about designing the poster for an fictional exhibition at the design museum showcasing peoples weird and wonderful collections. The idea for the design sprang around the myth (or reality) that magpie would obsessively collection shiny objects.

The SCES (South Coast Electrical Systems) logo and business card was an opportunity that arose when a tutors friend needed some design work done. I looked into electrical diagrams and such to come to the final design that was chosen.

A guide to Hastings was a fictional brief to create a visually interesting and informative leaflet for the local area. Using images I had taken from the area I then created a stylised look for them and inserted sections of interesting information about each section of the leaflet.

Obsession and Collection poster SCES business cards SCES business cards Confession Box
Hastings Information Leaflet Design Hastings leaflet illustrations 1 Hastings leaflet illustrations 2 Hastings leaflet illustrations 3
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