Johnathan Welsh, Graphic Design And Level Design
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Black Mesa (source engine mod)
Inbdound 3D Menu

The locations for the 3D menu in Black Mesa were chosen to represent each chapter by taking iconic and recognisable locations from them and creating a visually interesting backdrop in the menu as the player progresses through the game. The starting area from the Inbound chapter was picked to be both the setting for it's chapter background and also the opening shot for Black Mesa.

The opening shot for Black Mesa needed to give the player a 'wow factor' when first starting the game. The iconic opening in the Inbound chapter was picked for this purpose. The level itself was originally designed and polished by Spencer Rose and later Anthony Stone; and was given another pass for the menu by myself; the textures and prop models were created by various members of the Black Mesa team.

Large quantities of extra detail were added into the level to help bring the scene to life. Such details include the scientists going about their business around the terminal to the animated timetables and clocks accompanied by sound and music from Joel Nielsen; it helps to give the scene that extra atmosphere. An example of the scene can be seen in the video to the right.

While the majority of my efforts on the mod were dedicated towards both the chapters Unforeseen Consequences and Questionable Ethics; I also helped fix and polish various small aspects of the mod throughout the time I have worked on it.

Black Mesa is currently released and is free to play; requiring only a free instillation of the Source SDK Base 2007. Click here for download instructions.

Inbound 1 Inbound 2 Inbound 3 Inbound 3
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A video demonstrating the scene in action