Johnathan Welsh, Graphic Design And Level Design
Personal Work
ND projects and personal work

The Forest and Building images were part of my final major project at the end of my ND course. It was an exploration and experimentation of how you could use typography to create images.

Urban and Rural were experiments combing both typography and photographs in Photoshop to create visually interesting images. I also experimented with the urban piece to create a screen-print version.

The Ramblers invitation was a fictional brief to design an invite for the Ramblers Association Christmas dinner and dance. The idea was to parody the twelve days of Christmas song; changing the words to reflect activities the Ramblers partook in.

'Forest' End of Year Project work 'Building' End of Year Project work" Urban Photoshop Experiment Rural Photoshop Experiment
Create Magazine Cover Design for ND Course New York Photoshop Experiments Ramblers Association christmas dinner and dance invite
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