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Black Mesa (source engine mod)
Questionable Ethics Chapter

Questionable Ethics is the eleventh chapter in Black Mesa; it was designed around two major principles: exploration and story expansion. It acts as an eye opening chapter for the player, a realization that not everything is as it seems at Black Mesa, and that unethical experiments on various recovered Xenian specimens are regular occurrences in the deeper, more restricted sections of the facility.

The overall design of the chapter was done by Chris Horn; both the blockout work on the interior levels and planning the overall look and feel to them. The first level was blocked out by Chris along with the styling and lighting of the office area.

I was tasked with adding detail and polish to the first interior level giving it a dark and uneasy feel with Anthony Stone doing some entity work throughout the chapter. Mark Foreman was also brought in to help with the creation of various prop models and textures for use throughout the chapter; an example of this is being the 'snark launcher' room with the majority of the art assets having been created by Mark. The sound design by Joel Nielsen helps to provide an eerie and ominous feel to the chapter giving it that extra atmosphere to the chapter.

One of my other tasks while working on the chapter was both the construction and detailing of the exterior level. Chris had drawn up a plan for this with an outline of the level layout and gameplay ideas; an image of the plan can be found here. Taking from this I expanded the look of the facility exterior with the addition of the employee car park and the building exterior; how it appears the facility was built deep into the rock.

Textures and prop models used in the chapter were created by various members of the Black Mesa team.

Black Mesa is currently released and is free to play; requiring only a free instillation of the Source SDK Base 2007. Click here for download instructions.

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